Back to Basics Outline

I've been running a few ideas about where to start going back to the basics. Every time I think I have a starting point I find I can go a step further back. Some of the problems I have encountered have been caused by not having a firm grip on the fundamentals.

This series is to provide a path that I can look at and see this is something I have seen and this is how I explained how it works to myself. No excuses for simple mistakes in the future.

I'll be tagging the series using b2b- depending on the the topic

What I have in mind is

  • HTML5 - b2b-html5
  • HTML - b2b-html
  • CSS - b2b-css
  • JavaScript - b2b-js
  • .NET - b2b-dotnet
  • C# - b2b-c#
  • Core - b2b-core
  • ASP.NET - b2b-aspnet
  • Databases - b2b-db
  • SQL Server - b2b-sql-server
  • PowerShell - b2b-powershell
  • Azure PowerShell - b2b-azure-powershell

This list is going to change in the future as I learn new technologies.

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